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Updated: January 9, 2022


The incredible amount of snow in December has thankfully gotten our snow sports season off to a great start.  At the same time the COVID-19 Omicron variant is creating challenges forcing ASC to respond.  


Effective immediately, ASC is implementing the following COVID-19 protocols that will permit our on-snow programs to continue ensuring ASC community will enjoy a safe and long season. Please read carefully


  • ASC is now operating on a "vehicle to snow to vehicle" format.  This means all programs, teams, guests and trail users should arrive ready to gear-up outdoors and head straight to the snow.


Indoor access at ASC is limited as follows: 


  • Masks are required to enter buildings.  Masks must meet CDC guidelines, preferrably KN95 or N95.  Bandanas and Buffs are not acceptable.


  • Restrooms will remain open with a posted capacity of four at a time. Please form a 6’ distancing line. Additional portable restrooms are located in the garage.


  • No gear bags in buildings. Gear may be picked up and returned to lockers for gearing-up outdoors.


  • The ASC office will remain staffed for business such as trail passes, retails sales, coffee, etc.


  • 15-minute indoor warm-ups are allowed on cold days. 


  • There is no indoors seating.  Deck tables are available.


  • Face coverings not required outdoors at ASC only if social distancing is maintained.

General Protocols:


  • ASC will comply with guidance from the CDC, State of California, Nevada County, US Ski and Snowboard (USSS) and other governing bodies that make up our snow sports community. As we all know, the response to Covid is dynamic and changes should be expected.


  • ASC is relying on your pledge that you understand and will adhere to these protocols, and any subsequent changes, without exception. If you cannot, please take a break from ASC this season. ASC will issue you a pro-rated refund or credit and welcome you back with open arms when you can comply.


  • ASC is relying on you to self-assess your health status prior to arriving at ASC. Your presence at ASC is your non-verbal assurance to all that you are not experiencing symptoms or otherwise been exposed to Covid. If you are not feeling well, stay home and get well.


  • If you have participated in ASC programs and have since tested positive or learned of an exposure, we ask you report your status to your Program Director or TC management.  ASC staff evaluates the need for tracing confidentially per HIPAA laws.  


  • If you have experienced a Covid positive ASC asks that you adhere to CDC guidelines prior to returning to ASC. Athletes returning after being positive should follow USSS Return to Training and Competition after SARS-CoV-2 Infection guidelines.


  • ASC has established protocols for ASC athletes participating in ASC trips that include transportation and lodging.  Coaches will provide details prior to team trips.

If you have any questions about these protocols and how your actions can help us have a successful season, please reach out to your program director, coach or ASC management.  You can also email questions to


We encourage our athletes and their families to familiarize themselves with these best practices.