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The operation of ASC Training Center will be a new experience for all of us this season. With just weeks until the snow comes we want to give you an update on when and how you will access the Training Center and how your ski and snowboard programs will be different.
If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that things will change.  Here are a few FAQ’s on what you can expect this season:

1.  Can I use the TC lodge to boot up for skiing and riding, or for lunch?  The short answer is no, the lodge will be closed.  Everyone will use their vehicle to boot-up, then meet your team on the snow and return to your vehicle at the end of team activities.  

2.  Where can I warm up?  First, expect the TC and XC trails to close more often on cold and stormy days.  The Green Building will be open for 15-minute or less for warming up, with no seating and limited capacity. Boreal/Woodward will also have restrictions on lodge access.

3.  If the TC building is closed, where are the restrooms?  We are converting one of the garage bays into an open-air restroom.  It will include portable toilets in a dry area with abundant ventilation. 

4.  Where will parents hang out while teams are training?  Vehicles.  The good news is our Wi-Fi coverage of the parking lot was increased last season.  The Boreal Lodge will not be an option.

5.  Can I use the locker room this season to store my gear?  No, the TC building will be closed and lockers will not be assigned this year.

6. What if I need to talk to office staff or have an emergency?  Staff will be on duty during all operating hours in addition to your coaches during scheduled team activities.  Email or call ahead for non-urgent appointments.  For urgent matters, the deck doors will be monitored for limited access to office staff. 

7.  Where will face covering be required?  The whole TC base area, parking lot, restrooms, and on the snow around the buildings (stadium area) is a required face covering zone and six-foot distancing zone.   

8.  Will parking access to Boreal and the TC be limited?  Yes, Boreal will screen guests, so you’ll need to show your XC pass or Boreal pass to enter. 

9.  Is my XC season pass good anytime?  No, passes will be color-coded this season so we can limit and stagger trail capacity.  Regular passes will be blue and ski team passes will be green. On weekend mornings, race days, and when limited early season KMs are open, for example, only green passes will be allowed. The key is to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO! by checking this calendar.  Carry your pass; you will be checked this season.

10.  Can I buy a XC day pass and rent equipment?  No, only season XC passes will be sold.  Season ski leases to team athletes will happen, and program coaches will be in touch.

11.  How will ASCTC handle COVID-19 positives?  Detailed protocols will be posted soon.  ASCTC will be counting on all of you to report to coaches any COVID-19 positives or secondary exposures in your family, and if you’re not feeling well please staying home.  A pause in a team group, program, or in XC operations is a real possibility and everyone should read and understand the new refund policy.

12.  What if I sincerely don’t believe in face coverings and distancing?  ASCTC is requiring face coverings and distancing without exception.  If you don’t feel you can comply with any of our protocols please don’t participate this season.  We will be happy to welcome you back with open arms when State, County and CDC mandates are removed. 

13. What if I can’t wear a face covering because of a disability?  While we understand there are those with disability-related issues with face coverings and our protocols, the Americans with Disability Act does not provide a blanket exemption to people with disabilities from complying with legitimate safety requirements that are necessary for safe operations.  Contact us and we’ll work with you the best we can.

14.  Is this how the TC will operate all season?  Hard to say, but it is how we will start the season. If State and Nevada County guidance allows, ASCTC may relax protocols.  

15. What won’t look different?  The joy and exhilaration we all experience in the beautiful snow-covered mountains. Let’s all pull our ASC community together and make this work!


The winter season is finally on the horizon and we couldn't be more excited to welcome you back onto the snow to enjoy the soul-refreshing mountain environment we all love.  COVID-19 sure dealt us a blow in March! However, rest assured that everyone at ASC Training Center is determined that it will not happen again this season. We’ve developed an Operational Playbook based on guidance from the State of California, Nevada County, US Ski and Snowboard, Ski California, and others. No matter what COVID-19 has in store, we’ll be ready.
So, what can you expect this season?

  • ASCTC will start the season with a conservative and measured approach that meets or exceeds the combined guidance in our Playbook.  The health and safety of our members and staff are paramount.  We will follow state and local orders as/if they relax, but only if we feel everyone will stay safe and healthy.
  • The key to getting on snow is controlling our capacity.  Athletic programs and access to the Training Center will be tightly scheduled and staggered to maintain distancing and stay within capacity limits.
  • Plan on vehicle-to-snow-to-vehicle days at ASCTC. This means getting ready at your vehicle, meeting coaches on the snow, and returning to your vehicle with a big grin from an awesome day of skiing and riding.   
  • Teams will move in “pods” without mixing. Face coverings and social distancing will be required at all times while indoors, and outdoors when within 6 feet of others. Outdoor gatherings and activities will be limited to team pods.
  • Indoor areas will be limited or closed depending on where Nevada County is in the State Tier guidance.  The Green Building will become a warming hut.  How’s lunch on the deck or tables on the snow sound? We will have well-ventilated restrooms out of the weather in our maintenance shop. Our main restrooms will open as our Playbook allows. 
  • Cross country season trail passes will be blacked-out at times or have scheduling restrictions according to trail capacity. Count on black-outs during busy team days. Trail capacity will be gauged by team schedules and total groomed kilometers. A black-out calendar will be available on the Trail Report website as the season gets closer. Day passes and rentals will be available after the first of the year (if guidance allows).

Finally, you can expect a wave of communication and education coming your way as the season nears.  We want to keep you updated on our operations and when you can ski/ride. Keep an eye out for your invitation to a series of virtual Q&A Zoom webinars starting in late October. These will cover everything from general operations to program-specific team updates.

With everyone working together it will be a great season. We are confident this season will be another chapter in the ASC legacy that has successfully brought athletes and families to the snow for 92 years. Now….go look at those long-range snow forecasts!


We encourage our athletes and their families to familiarize themselves with these best practices.