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By ASC Staff, 12/05/20, 12:00PM PST


December 5, 2020

Let’s all work together for a safe, long season until the last patches of snow are gone.

To achieve our collective goal of a long and safe winter, reporting and tracing of Covid-19 positive tests and our safety actions within our winter sports community will be essential. These protocols outline our processes.

  1. Your pledge to staff and fellow members: As participants in ASCTC programs, competitions, XC trail use, or as a guest, ASCTC is counting on everyone to follow these protocols without exception. If you cannot comply, please take a break this season. ASCTC will issue you a refund or credit and welcome you back with open arms when the pandemic is over. 
  2. Daily health checks: Prior to arriving at the Training Center, we expect individuals and families to self-assess their health following the US Ski and Snowboard and CDC guidelines. Add it to your morning checklist: “skis/board, boots, poles, helmet, goggles, gloves, health check.” If you don’t pass, stay at home.
  3. Attendance and health checks: Your presence at program activities, or as a user of the TC facilities in general, is your non-verbal confirmation to ASCTC that you have completed and passed a health check.  Staff will take daily team attendance which may or may not include a health check question. Either way, XC skiers, parents, and program athletes can expect to be randomly asked about health checks. If an athlete begins to exhibit symptoms during the day, they will be required to isolate and return home. Staff will connect unwell athletes with parents.
  4. Reporting is the key: Here’s where we need everyone on board! We are asking all members to report Covid-19 positive test results to Program Directors or TC management.  All information is confidential per HIPAA laws. Your report should include: (a) if it involves an athlete, close family member, or secondary exposure in your family and friends, (b) what testing and quarantining steps you are taking, and (c) a timeline that includes the last visit to ASCTC.
  5. Tracing: ASCTC staff will confidentially trace reports of Covid-19 positives and determine if other team members or staff have been exposed. Steps taken will include informing other team members of a possible secondary exposure within the cohort or pausing a team group for 7 - 10 days following CDC guidelines. Unless you explicitly provide permission, no names will be used.
  6. Returning to ASCTC: After completing your process of quarantining and testing per the CDC, we also ask that you follow the US Ski and Snowboard Return to Training and Competition After SARS-CoV-2 Infection guidelines. Then we get to see you on the snow again!

Finally, this is the season of “KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.” Make it a routine to check our Covid-19 information page for changes. XC pass holders need to check the Trail Pass Calendar to be sure your pass color is valid for use on any given day.